Geneseo PFL


January 2011

Rules Committee

John Buterbaugh (At-Large)

No. of players


Reigning champion

John Buterbaugh (1st title)

The Geneseo Paper Football League was a sports organization lasting from January 2011 to Spring 2012 that hosted games and tournaments at SUNY Geneseo. League membership came from the following residence halls: Jones (2011), Onondaga (2011), Putnam (2011), Livingston (2012), and Erie (2012).

For the 2011 and 2012 seasons, players played every other player in the league. In the 2011 season, a player matched up with a rival to play an additional game. The postseason format was a single-elimination tournament that culminated with the championship game, known as the Paper Bowl, for the highly coveted Isaiah Tolbert MVP Award. The semifinals runners-up competed for third place in the Dundie Bowl.

2011 SeasonEdit

2011 Regular Season StatisticsEdit

5John 66.5002637.70319916.619115.98.816.0

2011 PlayoffsEdit

The 2011 Isaiah Tolbert Tournament, or April Armageddon, was a series of 12 games that ran from April 2, 2011 to April 14, 2011 with #2 Nick Moscatello (25) defeating #1 Jack Kefauver (3) to win Paper Bowl I.

2011 Tolbert TournamentEdit

 8  Nathan (5-7)  25
 1  Jack (12-0)  26
 9  Lenny (5-7)  16      
 8  Nathan  0  
 1  Jack  25
   5  John  6  
 5  John (6-6)  22 '
 4  Andrew (7-5)  9
 12  Mike (2-10)  13    
 5  John  22  
   1  Jack  3
   2  Nick  25
 6  Katy (6-6)  13 PAPER BOWL I
 3  Ian (8-4)  7
 11  Bobby (3-9)  22      
 11  Bobby  22  
   11  Bobby  0
   2  Nick  21  
 7  Rob (6-6)  25 '
 2  Nick (8-4)  25
 10  Megan (4-10)  16  
 7  Rob  19  

DUNDIE BOWL: #11 Bobby (22) vs. #5 John (13)

2011 AwardsEdit

Dunder Mifflin MVP: Jack Kefauver (12-0)
Goldfinger MVP: John Buterbaugh (.703)
Isaiah Tolbert Tournament MVP: Nick Moscatello (3-0)
Dundie Bowl MVP: Bobby Semmler (3-1)
Marty Beach Good Sport Award MVP: Megan Nolan

2012 SeasonEdit

John Buterbaugh, Ian MacPherson, Rob Kahrs, and Nathan Trombley returned for a second season in the Geneseo PFL. Shiva Sharma and Kurt Brecht were rookies. 2011 #1 Jack Kefauver, #2 Nick Moscatello, and #4 Andrew Yankay did not return. 18 games were played among 6 players.

For 2012, Commissioner John Buterbaugh created a three-person Rules Committee to replace the powerful commissioner and the less powerful vice commissioner. Nathan Trombley oversaw PFL North, Rob Kahrs oversaw PFL Central, and John oversaw the PFL at-large. No commissioner oversaw South Village due to the absence of players from South Village. The Rules Committee made consensus decisions affecting game rules.

The individual commissioners had the power to make executive orders in matters that do not directly affect game play. Commissioner Buterbaugh ordered that player statistics become more precise. In addition to Kicking Percentage (K%), kicking was split into Field Goals Made (FGM) and Attempted (FGA) and Extra Points Made (XPM) and Attempted (XPA). The Effective Kicking Percentage (eK%) inflates the value of field goal kicks with the following formula eK%=(3*fgm+xpm)/(3*fga+xpa). If a player's eK% is higher than the K%, that means they kick field goals better than extra points and vice versa. Strangely, Geneseo PFL players kick field goals 29% worse than they kick extra points despite the fact that players attempt both over the same distance. Buterbaugh also ordered that Bracket Challenge participants must be informed of player records before making predictions.

2012 Regular Season StatisticsEdit

TOTAL1515642869284956118.475.4386469.47521.89 22.14 -

2012 Postseason StatisticsEdit

TOTAL662171713222039.513.4662117.5138.38 8.38 --

2012 Tolbert TournamentEdit

  ROUND 1     ROUND 2     PAPER BOWL II (1st place)
  Rookie Bowl     2 John 21  
  4 Shiva 7     5 Kurt 3    
  5 Kurt 21         2 John 21
      6 Rob 0
  Beach Bowl     1 Ian 9    
  3 Nathan 18     6 Rob 21   DUNDIE BOWL II (3rd place)
  6 Rob 21   5 Kurt  
  1 Ian  

FLUNDIE BOWL I: 5th-place game: #4 Shiva (23), #3 Nathan (13)

2012 AwardsEdit

Paper Bowl MVP/Most Improved Player: John Buterbaugh
Dunder Mifflin MVP: Ian MacPherson
Goldfinger MVP/Tsai Lun Rookie of the Year: Kurt Brecht
Marty Beach Good Sport Award: Rob Kahrs
Bracket Challenge Leader (Player): John/Nathan (7 pts)
Bracket Challenge Leader (Fan): 7-way tie - Mike G., Lenny, Brandon, Fitzy, Shannon, Molly, Carrie (7 pts)

2012 Game LogEdit

johnB 0 3 6 1 6 1 3 6 = 26, 2/2+2/3=4/5
shivaS 0 = 0, 0/0+0/1=0/1

shivaS 6 0 6 0 6 0 6 = 26, 0/4+0/0=0/4
kurtB 0 3 6 1 = 10, 1/2+1/1=2/3

johnB 6 1 6 1 6 1 = 21, 3/3+0/3=3/6
nathanT 3 = 03, 0/0+1/1=1/1

nathanT 6 1 0 3 6 1 3 6 = 26, 2/2+2/3=4/5
shivaS 0 3 6 1 0 3 0 3 0 3 = 19, 1/1+3/8=4/9

nathanT 6 1 6 1 6 0 0 0 6 = 26, 2/3+0/2=2/5
kurtB 6 1 3 = 10, 1/1+1/1=2/2

nathanT 6 0 3 3 6 0 0 6 = 24, 0/2+2/3=2/5
robK 0 0 6 0 3 0 0 = 09, 0/1+1/5=1/6

robK 0 3 3 3 6 0 6 = 21, 0/1+3/4=3/5
johnB 6 1 0 6 0 3 = 16, 1/2+1/2=2/4

ianM 0 6 0 6 0 6 1 6 = 25, 1/3+0/1=1/4
nathanT 6 0 0 6 1 = 13, 1/2+0/1=1/3

johnB 6 1 6 1 0 6 1 = 21, 3/3+0/1=3/4
ianM 6 1 3 3 6 0/2 = 19, 1/1+2/2=3/3

kurtB 6 1 3 6 0 3 6 = 25, 1/2+2/2=3/4 (1r)
robK 0 = 00, 0/0+0/1=0/1 (2r)

kurtB 6 0 3 6 1 0 3 6 = 25, 1/2+2/3=3/5
johnB 3 3 6 1 3 = 16, 1/1+3/3=4/4 (1r)

shivaS 0 0 6 1 0 6 0 6 0/2 0 6 = 25, 1/2+0/5=1/7 (1r)
robK 0 6 1 3 0 6 0/2 = 16, 1/1+1/3=2/4 (2r)

ianM 6 1 3 6 0 6 = 21, 1/2+1/1=2/3 (2r)
kurtB = 0

ianM 6 0 0 6 0 6 0 6 = 24, 0/3+0/1=0/4 (2r)
shivaS 0 0 = 0, 0/0+0/2=0/2

ianM 3 0 0 6 1 6 0 0 6 = 22, 1/2+1/4=2/6
robK 6 1 0 6 1 0 = 14, 2/2+0/2=2/4


3 nathanT 6+0 3 6+0 3 0 = 18, 0/2+2/3=2/5
6 robK 0 6+0 0 6+0 6..3 = 21, 0/2+1/3=1/5
Nathan opens the game with 18 unanswered points. However, Rob is able to score three successive touchdowns. A series of sloppy plays leaves the off count at 2 and 2. Rob hits another off, and Nathan gets the chance to win on a three-point field goal. He sets up, but the pressure gets to him and he shanks it. Nathan hits another off and Rob is expected to miss. However, Rob capitalizes, becoming the first player this season to win on a three-point field goal. Rob's upset victory over Nathan may have been the most exciting game this season.

4 shivaS 0 6+1 = 7, 1/1+0/1=1/2 (2r)
5 kurtB 6+1 6+1 0 6+1 = 21, 3/3+0/1=3/4 (1r)
Despite losing to Shiva in the regular season, Kurt was highly expected to win because of the no-repeats theory -- that you can't beat the same person twice in a row. Kurt is once again dominant on kicking, making all three of his extra points and despite missing one field goal, is able to win the game easily.

3 nathanT 0 6+0 6+1 = 13, 1/2+0/1=1/3 (2r)
4 shivaS 6+1 3 6+1 0 6 = 23, 2/2+1/2=3/4 [5th place]
Nathan and Shiva matched up in the first ever Flundie Bowl, the game in which two teams compete for fifth place, or rather, not last place. Despite Nathan's 18-point performance against Rob in the first round, Shiva defied expectations by scoring numerous touchdowns and actually making kicks and limiting Nathan to only one field goal attempt.

2 johnB 6+1 6+1 0 6+1 = 21, 3/3+0/1=3/4 (2r)
5 kurtB 3 = 3, 0/0+1/1=1/1 (1r)
John redeems his regular season loss to Rookie of the Year Kurt, coasting to victory. He made all of his extra points, quickly defeating Kurt who had little opportunity to use his strength as the best kicker in the league. John has qualified for his first title match since 2007. Kurt still qualifies for the Dundie Bowl against Ian.

1 ianM 0 6+0 0 3 = 09, 0/1+1/3=1/4
6 robK 3 6+0 6+0 6 = 21, 0/2+1/1=1/3
Ian started with a touchdown, but Rob went ahead and scored 21 of the next 24 points. Rob heads to his first PFL title game in the two seasons he has played. Ian still qualifies for the Dundie Bowl against Kurt.

2 johnB 6+1 6+1 6+1 = 21, 3/3+0/0=3/3 (2r)
6 robK = 0, 0/0+0/0=0/0
John started the game sloppily with a weak push-for-poss. Rob deferred the kick-off to John. In 8 plays, John scored 3 touchdowns (a TD% of 37.5%) and committed two offs. TD #1 15s, #2 41s, #3 60s. Game length: 69 seconds. This is John's first title since 2007. John's three touchdowns and 100% kicking percentage as well as Rob's zero touchdowns and zero kicking attempts means this is the only perfect game of the season.


john 3 6 0 6 0 6 = 21, 0/2+1/1=1/3
davidO 6 0 = 06, 0/1+0/0=0/1

shiva 3 0 3 6 0 6 1 6 = 25, 1/2+2/3=3/5
davidO 3 6 1 0 3 3 0 = 16, 1/1+3/5=4/6

john 0 6 1 3 6 1 6 = 23, 2/2+1/2=3/4
grantB 6 1 6 0 0 0 6 0 = 19, 1/3+0/2=1/5

kurt 3 0 6 1 6 1 6 = 23, 2/2+1/2=3/4
grantB 3 0 6 0 0 = 09, 1/1+1/3=2/4

shiva 0 6 0 3 6 1 0 0 3 6 = 24, 2/2+2/6=4/8
grantB 3 0 0 0 = 03, 0/0+1/4=1/4

john 3 3 6 1 6 0/2 3 = 22, 1/1+3/3=4/4 (2:0/1)
yusufA = 00, 0/0+0/0=0/0

shiva 3 0 6 1 6 1 0 6 = 23, 2/2+1/3=3/5
yusufA 6 0 0 0 6 1 6 = 19, 1/2+0/3=1/5

john 6 0 3 0 6 0 0 6 = 21, 0/2+1/4=1/6
bobbyS 6 1 0 0 6 0 0 6 = 19, 1/2+0/3=1/5

kurt 3 6 0 6 1 3 6 = 25, 1/2+2/2+3/4
davidO 0 0 0 6 0 6 1 0 = 13, 1/2+0/4=1/6

rob 0 6 0 0 0 0 6 0/2 0 3 6 = 21, 0/1+1/7=1/8 (2:0/1)
davidO 0 3 0 0 0 6 1 6 0 0 3 = 19, 1/2+2/7=3/9

GENESEO PFL (regular season + post-season)
JOHN__ (5-2) .733 22/30
IAN___ (4-2) .375 09/24
KURT__ (3-4) .737 14/19
SHIVA_ (3-4) .276 08/29
NATHAN (3-4) .500 13/26
ROB___ (3-5) .357 10/28

BOBBY (0-1) .200 01/05
YUSUF (0-2) .200 01/05
GRANT (0-3) .307 04/13
DAVID (0-4) .286 08/28

2013 SeasonEdit

Commissioner John Buterbaugh has announced that the league will convert to a tournament-only format, with seeding based on past league performance. PFL North and PFL Central will continue to exist. The plan is to have 8 players in PFL Central and 8 players in PFL North.

2013 Preseason RankingsEdit

  1. Jack .933
  2. Nick .733
  3. Ian .641
  4. John .607
  5. Andrew .538
  6. Rob .464
  7. Katy .462
  8. Kurt .429
  9. Nathan .429
  10. Shiva .429
  11. Lenny .385
  12. Bobby .375
  13. Megan .308
  14. Mike C. .154
  15. Brandon .000
  16. Yusuf .000
  17. Grant .000
  18. David .000


PFA RulesEdit

Listed below are the official rules for paper football games played during individual matches or as team events. Please note, PFA rules provide for regulated and fair competition, honest play and good sportsmanship is expected at all times.

What's needed: a paper football constructed along the guidelines located here and a dry, flat table with a surface conducive to sliding a paper football across (additional table specifications such as size are not regulated), with two players sitting on opposite sides facing one another.

How to Win: Score the most points with Touchdowns (6 points), Extra Point kicks (1 point), 2-Point Conversions (2 points), Field Goals (3 points)

Game Length: Players must decide beforehand either: 1) the first player who scores a predetermined number of points wins, or 2) the game is timed and the player with the most points when the clock runs down is the winner. Begin by flipping a coin to determine which player will choose to kick or receive the football.

Officiating: Paper Football is an honest sport for honest players, therefore, the requirement to have referees on hand for every match is unnecessary. However, to further facilitate ensuring that disagreements do not occur during a game, some suggestions:
1) Extra Point and Field Goal kicks. The player forming a goalpost must should wear protective safety glasses. Safety glasses allow the goalpost player to keep both eyes open to rule on the success or failure of the kick attempt. Inexpensive safety glasses are available in any hardware store or online for around $1/pair and is standard equipment for the sport of paper football.
2) Touchdowns and Tiebreaker shots. Easily determined by sliding a straight vertical object (pen, ruler, etc.) along the edge of the table and noting movement of the football based a contact with the portion hanging over the edge.

Official Rules for Paper Football 2007 - Paper Football Association, U.S. National Governing Body for Paper Football Updated: 5/30/07

Paper Football Rule #1: A game is started by Kicking Off in the following manner - The Kicker holds the football in his hand resting in the palm, from his end of the table he uses an upward swinging motion and tosses the football into the air (releasing it from his own end of the table, no reaching across) and onto his opponents side of the field. Where the ball lands is where play for the opponent will begin.

Paper Football Rule #2: Opponents take turns sliding the football back and forth across a table top using your fingers in either a flicking motion with the index/middle finger or with a single bump with two fingers, once per turn. An extended "pushing" of the ball is against the rules, if this occurs the football is placed back to its original location and the offending player loses his turn.

Paper Football Rule #3: Touchdowns, which are worth 6 points, count when after flicking or kicking off the football it stops with any part of it hanging over the edge of the table.

Paper Football Rule #4: If a touchdown is scored, the scoring player attempts to score additional points with either an Extra Point or a 2-Point Conversion.

Paper Football Rule #5: Extra Point: the scoring player holds the football vertically under a fingertip near the edge of the table closest to him and flicks (kicks) it with a finger from the other hand towards Goalposts which are made by the opponent on the opposite side of the table. Goalposts are formed by resting the wrists of both hands on the edge of the table with thumbs joined at the ends and index fingers sticking straight up. If a majority of the football (need not be all of the football) passes between the opponent's upward pointing index fingers and any distance above the thumbs (imagine lines extending up from the index fingers to form the vertical limits) it is considered "good" and 1 point is scored. If not, the game continues with a kick off from the scoring player.

Paper Football Rule #6: 2-Point Conversion: if the scoring player chooses to attempt a 2-point conversion rather than kick for an extra point after scoring a touchdown, the football is placed in the middle of the table (this approximates the 50 yard line on the field) and is given only one flick or bump to try to have the ball stop with part of it hanging over the edge of the table as in a touchdown. If part of the football is hanging over the table than 2 points are scored, if not than no additional points beyond the touchdown points are scored. Either way, the game than continues with a kick off from the player who scored the touchdown.

Paper Football Rule #7: An Out-of-Bounds occurs when the football is flicked or kicked off and goes entirely off of the edge of the table. Each time it does so counts as one instance of out-of-bounds. If a player is credited with three out-of-bounds violations his opponent is allowed an opportunity to kick through the goalposts for a Field Goal (which employs the same method as described above for extra points after touchdowns) which is worth 3 points. Each series of three out-of-bounds allows for the opponent to attempt a field goal. If the player has not yet accumulated a series of three out-of-bounds the opponent simply kicks off as described above when beginning the game, and the ball is in play again.

Paper Football Rule #8: In the event of a tie score at the conclusion of fixed time limit game, a Tiebreaker takes place. In a tiebreaker each player is allowed 10 consecutive attempts to score from the middle of the table (this is the same procedure as a 2-point conversion) and the player with the most number of successful tiebreaker shots is the winner. If the two players are still tied after their 10 tiebreaker attempts they will each have 10 more shots each to determine a winner. This will continue until one player is determined the winner.

NYS PFL RulesEdit

Amended 9/28/2013 and 10/5/2017

Preamble: We the New York State Paper Football League, in order to form a fair and justified game, establish these rules, provide for snacks and entertainment, and hire referees.

Object of the game: To accumulate 21 points with touchdowns (six points), field goals (three points), and tries by kick (one point) or touchdown (two points).

I. Referees

  • There shall be one referee that is not a player to provide an unbiased interpretation of the rules and to view plays in action. Only a member of the PFL Rules Committee may authorize someone to be a referee in the PFL.
  • A referee may use any video-capturing device in order to make the right call. A player may only challenge a play and ask for video review in the case of field goal attempts, touchdown attempts, or possible blocking fouls. Each player is only allowed three challenges; the referee may review plays at will. As in the NFL, if a challenge does not change the ruling, the player who challenged the call is assessed with a timeout. See *Timeout.

II. Definitions

  • Fergielicious: make them boys go crazy
  • 20-yard line: A line parallel to the endzone line two paper football lengths away.
  • Ball: also known as the triangle, should be made of folded paper. Fold it the hot dog way two times, fold a corner to the edge to make a right angle triangle, fold this triangle down the rest of the paper until you get a leftover. Fold and tuck the leftover into rest of the triangle. The paper itself may be Xerox or loose-leaf.
  • Blocking: If a player blocks his or her opponent's touchdown attempt before the ball has stopped its forward motion, the offended player is awarded one touchdown and an extra-point attempt. If a player flicks a ball in the red zone before it stops spinning, the the offended player is awarded one touchdown and an extra-point attempt. If a player blocks his or her opponent's field goal attempt or try by kick, the kick is automatically ruled good (Amended 10/5/2017).
  • Bump: A snapping motion that pushes the ball forward with two up to four fingers.
  • Coin toss: A referee or player uses a coin or a paper football to determine who opens the game with a kick-off. The home player calls either heads or tails while the coin or paper football is in the air, and when the coin or ball lands on heads or tails, the referee indicates who receives the first possession. If the home player calls correctly, he or she receives the first possession. (See *Push for Poss)
  • End zone: The end of the table
  • Field goal: When a player attempts to kick the ball over the opponent's fingers extended that are in the form of a goal post. The player must flick the ball from their 20-yard line over the uprights. A successful kick is defined as when a majority of the ball passes over the goal posts extended. An unsuccessful kick results in a kick-off by the opposing player. (These rules apply to tries by kick after touchdown.) If there is doubt as to the accuracy of a field goal, it is recommended that the referee rule in favor of the kicker.
  • Flick: A flick is formed by using either the index or middle finger and sliding it from the thumb towards a certain destination.
  • Foul: A foul is a violation that includes personal fouls and technical fouls. A personal foul denotes the instance of excessive physical contact made by a player. A technical foul includes blocking or excessive pushing. Any foul is assessed as an off, and two personal fouls results in ejection from the game.
  • Goal post: A goal post is formed by putting the thumbs together parallel to the table surface and the index fingers perpendicular to the table surface. The wrists of the goal post should be placed a finger's width above the edge of table.
  • Grau toss: Named for PFLer who used it, Andrew Grau, this toss involves holding the ball with the fingers, pulling back, and releasing toward the endzone with a follow-through extending past the red zone. This method was retired for all purposes after the 2006-2007 season.
  • Kick-off: If the ball has fallen off the table following an off or special teams attempt, the ball is put into play by placing it on the edge of the table. It may be kicked-off using only the palm toss, as specified by the USPFA.
  • Off: An unsuccessful touchdown attempt that results in the ball falling off the table. When a player accumulates three offs, the opposing player kicks a field goal. After the attempt, the offending player's off count resets. Any time an off occurs, either a field goal is attempted or the ball is put into play by the offended player at their own end zone.
  • Possession: A touchdown attempt made on offense. If a snap is made on a possession, and it does not result in a touchdown or an off, then the opposing player plays the ball where it stopped (see *Off).
  • Push-for-Poss: An alternative to the coin toss with meritocracy and skill in mind. Each player pushes the ball from their 20-yard line with the intent of pushing it farther than their opponent -- without knocking it off the table -- to have first possession. If the first player to push knocks it off the table, the second player automatically wins first kickoff, which they can defer if they so desire.
  • Red zone: The area within the sides of the table and within the endzone and the 20-yard line.
  • Snap: The hand motion that starts a possession. A snap, after an unsuccessful inbounds touchdown attempt, starts where the ball stopped in the previous possession. Flicks or bumps create snaps. When an extended pushing of the ball occurs (extensive snap), the football is placed back to its original location and the offended player plays it from there. When a two-snap possession occurs, the ball is taken to the place where it stopped before the second snap.
  • Table: The table must be dry and uniform in surface (flat). The table must be 42 inches in length and 24 inches in width.
  • Timeout: Each player is allowed three timeouts, each lasting no longer than one minute, of which a player can only call when he or she has possession and never during a play. A referee may only call timeout in between plays. The penalty for violating these rules is a technical foul.
  • Touchdown: When any part of the ball hangs off the end of the table and does not fall off the table. If the ball hangs off the side of the table, but extends over the touchdown line extended, it is a touchdown. A sliding test using paper or another flat object is applied to judge a touchdown attempt, and if the ball moves with this method, a touchdown is ruled. If successful, it is followed by a try by kick (+1) or a try by 50-yard line touchdown (+2). (See *Possession)

III. Game Scheduling and Awards

  • Regular Season: A player plays 12 games in the regular season against intraleague teams. At the end of the season, the players are ranked by wins minus losses for playoff setup. The commissioner takes statistics to analyze player ability and to bestow special awards.
  • Playoffs: All players in the league are qualified for the Isaiah Tolbert Tournament. The winner of the tournament is the ITT MVP and wins a medal and the crown. Two players compete in the Paper Bowl and two players compete for third place in the Dundie Bowl. The bottom two players compete in the Bush Bowl.
  • The Goal Bowl: Players with a K% of .500 or higher are qualified for the Goal Bowl. The player who converts the most kicks out of 25 attempts wins the Goal Bowl MVP. If two players tie for first within 25 attempts, a sudden-death shootout ensues.
  • Pro Bowl: The best touchdown converter and the second best kicker compete against the second best touchdown converter and the best kicker.
  • Summer League: The winner of the Summer League tournament is the Summer League MVP.
  • Good Sport Award: The winner of the Marty Beach Good Sport Award is a player who exhibits the utmost sportmanship and dedication to being a good person on and off the paper football table.
  • Rookie of the Year: The winner of the Rookie of the Year Award is the rookie with the best record in the league.
  • Most Improved Player: The winner of the Most Improved Player Award is a returning player with the greatest improvement in the number of wins.
  • Golden Finger Award: The winner of the Golden Finger Award is the player with the highest regular season kicking percentage in the league.

IV. Regular Season Standings Precedence

  1. Net Wins
  2. Win %
  3. Head-to-head games
  4. Common games
  5. Strength of victory
  6. Strength of schedule
  7. Win Shares
  8. Push-for-Poss

V. Amendments

  1. Try by touchdown (+2) starts from the 50-yard line as opposed to the 80-yard line (9/5/2011).
  2. If the first person commits an off while attempting a Push-for-Poss, his or her opponent reserves the right to either kick-off or defer the kick-off (9/5/2011).
  3. Violation of a timeout rule will result in a technical foul unless waived by both players (9/5/2011).
  4. During a try by kick or a field goal attempt, the bottom of the goalposts (the thumbs) must be a fist-length above the surface of the table. Essentially, the wrists of the goalpost must be touching the table (9/5/2011).
  5. Blocking: If a player blocks his or her opponent's touchdown attempt before the ball has stopped its forward motion, the offended player is awarded one touchdown and an extra-point attempt. If a player flicks a ball in the red zone before it stops spinning, the the offended player is awarded one touchdown and an extra-point attempt. If a player blocks his or her opponent's field goal attempt or try by kick, the kick is automatically ruled good (10/5/2017).

VI. Executive orders

  1. Fouls are divided into personal, technical, and common categories. Personal fouls are those against a player; technical fouls are blocking, driving, or time fouls; common fouls are offs.
  2. Extra Points (XPs) and three-point field goals (FGs) must be recorded separately. Total kicking percentage (K%) shall replace field-goal percentage (FG%).
  3. The league must notify Bracket Challenge participants of each player's record before they make their predictions.
  4. During the middle of a regular season, players must be ranked by best Wins - Losses record.
  5. All players within the league qualify for the Tolbert Tournament.
  6. For the Fall 2013 season, the 2013 preseason rankings will act as the tournament ranking model. Rookies will occupy the lower rankings and will Push-for-Poss to determine their ranking among other rookies.

Player ProfilesEdit

Yusuf AbdiEdit

Scouting Report: "Yusuf has been shut out and he has lost by a mere two points. In this case, Yusuf must learn how to score touchdowns better and hit from behind the line. He has a commanding presence as a player, but he must hone his skills in order to become the PFL giant he is born to be." Style: bump drive, hypotenuse kick Personal Quote: "That's right. That's right." "SUCK IT!" "That's some bull$#!t right there." "That's ridiculous."

Grant BilleEdit

Scouting Report: "Grant Bille joined the PFL with the recent freshman class. While he lost to PFL veteran John Buterbaugh by a mere two points, he has seen devastating losses in two other games. This and a busy schedule has led Grant to leave the PFL." Style: push drive, upright kick

Kurt BrechtEdit

The Best

Goal post width:~13 cm
Style: Push/slide drive, hypotenuse kick
Fight Song: "For Whom the Bell Tolls" - Metallica
Scouting Report: "He is the 2012 Rookie of the Year and automatic winner for 'The Best' award. He leads the league in kicking with more than 70% of his kicks converted and he does not hesitate on completion. However, he has not been able to attempt enough kicks to intimidate his opponents. His drives can also be rather sloppy, and he must channel his excitement and intensity into a quiet respect for the Norse gods of paper football. He must gauge Kurtmania into touchdowns." Awards: 2012 Goldfinger Award, 2012 Tsai Lun Rookie of the Year winner
Personal Quote: "I'm the best."
Rival: Shiva Sharma
G2012rs: (2-3, 10/14, 70) vs. (13-12, ?/?, 00)
G2012p: (1-1, 4/5, 24) vs. (2-1, ?/?, 00)

Katy BolandEdit


Goal post width: ~13 cm
Style: Bump drive, inverted hypotenuse kick
Fight Song: "?" - ?
Scouting Report: "Despite being a rookie, Katy has risen to the top half of the kicking stats. As one of two players with a remaining game, the fate of four players were either directly or indirectly caused by her performance in the closing game of the league. Despite closing the regular season with four straight wins, she lost to Bobby in a grudge match during the April Armageddon First Round."
Personal Quote: "Heyy!"
Rival: Megan Nolan
G2011rs: (6-6, 18/34, 192) vs. (70-74, 16/36, 185)
G2011p: (0-1, 1/2, 13) vs. (3-1, 2/4, 22)

John ButerbaughEdit

Goal post width: 14.6 cm
Style: Combo drive, hypotenuse kick
Fight Song: "Baba O'Riley" - The Who
Scouting Report: "Despite being first in the league for kicking percentage, John has not been able to convert excellent kicking stats into a winning season. He capped off the regular season with a win, but this only brought him to .500. As Rob lost to Katy in the penultimate game of the regular season, John was able to clinch fifth place in the standings" (2011). "Despite the second-best K% in the league, his FG% is far worse than his XP% and a loss to Rob has been attributed to this. He must believe that 3-point field goals are actually extra points, and that way the task of getting 3 points will seem less daunting to him" (2012). Awards: 2011 Goldfinger Award, 2012 Most Kicks Made, 2012 Most Kicks Attempted (Tie), 2012 Geneseo PFL Champion, 2012 Most Improved Player
Personal Quote: "Sponsored by... balls!"
Rivals: Nathan Trombley (2011)
Shiva Sharma, Rob Kahrs (2012)
G2011rs: (6-6, 26/34, 199) vs. (71-73, 16/36, 191)
G2011p: (3-2, ?/?, 44) vs. (11-14, ?/?, 22)
G2012rs: (3-2, 16/23, 100) vs. (12-13, 11/14, 68)
G2012p: (2-0, 6/7, 42) vs. (3-2, 1/1, 03)

Mike CavanaghEdit

Eco Warriors

Style: Bump drive, upright kick
Scouting Report: "Mike has gone from a force in the league to a consistent losing team, missing tons of field goals and playing opponents who do not want to lose to him. He has clinched last place in the league. He must get his kicker in order if he is to do well in the playoffs."
Personal Quote: "DAMMIT!"
Rival: Jack Kefauver
G2011rs: (2-10, ?/?, ?) vs. (?-?, ?/?, ?)
G2011p: (0-1, ?/?, 13) vs. (2-2, ?/?, 22)

Lenny DiBonoEdit

Dibby Fresh

Style: Bump drive, hypotenuse kick
Fight Song: "Save the Whales"
Scouting Report: "DiBono has great passion for the game… a quick learner. He must learn to force more offs because of his experience with field goal kicking. A great sport... must convert his passion into touchdowns. He has clinched the ninth-seed in a first-round matchup with eighth-seed Nathan Trombley."
Personal Quote: "Beautiful."
Rival: Ian MacPherson
G2011rs: (5-7, 15/51, 185) vs. (?-?, ?/?, 223)
G2011p: (0-1, ?/?, 16) vs. (1-1, ?/?, 25)

Rob KahrsEdit

Style: Bump drive, hypotenuse kick
Fight Song: "Hail to the Chief"
Bio: Born on Long Island, Rob grew up in Massachusetts, Florida, and upstate New York. As such, Rob is a learning machine for paper football playing styles, incorporating them into his own unique style.
Scouting Report: "If Rob is to do well in the playoffs, he must improve his league-worst kicking percentage. This is his main weakness, while he has been able to win half his games without good kicking" (2011). "Rob will be storming into the PFL season this year with a vengeance. In 2011, Rob was #4 for Win Shares (adjusted points per game) but only #7 for actual wins-loss record. Rob lost half his games because of poor kicking. Despite being named as a contender for Most Improved Player, Rob's current record and kicking percentage aren't proving such. His win record has worsened mostly due to fewer touchdowns, and his kicking hasn't gotten much better. Rob must find a constant strategy to win consistently" (2012). Awards: 2012 Best Kick Defender, 2012 Marty Beach Good Sport Award nominee
Personal Quote: "You lost me."
Rivals: Bobby Semmler (La bataille de l'Roberts) (2011)
John Buterbaugh, Shiva Sharma (2012)
G2011rs: (6-6, 13/50, 223) vs. (?-?, ?/?, 209)
G2011p: (1-1, ?/?, 44) vs. (3-1, ?/?, 41)
G2012rs: (1-4, 8/20, 60) vs. (16-11, ?/?, ??)
G2012p: (2-1, 2/9, 42) vs. (2-3, 5/12, 48)

Jack KefauverEdit

Jack of All Trades

Goal post width: ~13 cm
Style: Bump drive, inverted hypotenuse kick
Fight Song: "Magic"
Scouting Report: "Despite his congeniality, modesty, and honesty, Jack is a beast on the field, clinching first place, a perfect 12-0 season, #3 in kicking, the Defensive Player of the Year -- all despite barely playing the game before joining the league. He has managed to win games with good kicking and poor kicking. When someone can win every game like that, that says something. Jack is kind of the whole package. Despite his stifling regular season record, Jack lost to #2 Nick Moscatello in the final and will not be returning for another season in 2012."
Personal Quote: "Hellooo."
Rival: Mike Cavanagh
G2011rs: (12-0, 18/29, 285) vs. (?-?, ?/?, 115)
G2011p: (2-1, ?/?, 54) vs. (6-3, ?/?, 31)

Ian MacPhersonEdit

MacPherson Highlanders

Style: Bump drive, hypotenuse kick
Fight Song: "Scotland the Brave"
Scouting Report: "Despite having never played this game before in his life, with the lone exception of field goal kicking contests, Ian won his first game of regulation PFL against Nathan Trombley who had just defeated PFL veteran John Buterbaugh. After winning this game, he rose to #1 in the standings. His weakness is an improving but still underwhelming kicking percentage, but he has scored two 2-point conversions in his first four games. Poor kicking combined with losing to better kickers have led to a slide in his ranking. Upon winning his penultimate regular season match, Ian clinched a winning season and closed his regular season while clinching a bye. After Nick won his final game, Ian clinched third place. Despite his standing, he was blown out of the tournament by Bobby, fresh off a win over Katy" (2011). "If Ian wants to match or improve his record from last season, he must practice his kicking skills as well as his touchdown attempts. Despite mediocre kicking, Ian has been able to achieve #1 as he is the leader in touchdowns. His tremendous feel for the game has moved him up, but he must work on kicking to win close games." (2012). Awards: 2012 Dunder-Mifflin MVP, 2012 Defensive Player of the Year, 2012 Cleanest Player, 2012 Fastest Player
Personal Quote: "I've never played this game before in my life!" "You gotta capitalize!"
Rivals: Lenny DiBono (2011)
Nathan Trombley, Kurt Brecht (2012)
G2011rs: (8-4, 16/51, 242) vs. (?-?, ?/?, 172)
G2011p: (0-1, 1/1, 7) vs. (3-1, ?/?, 22)
G2012rs: (4-1, 8/20, 112) vs. (11-14, ?/?, 00)
G2012p: (0-1, ?/?, 09) vs. (2-1, ?/?, 21)

Nick MoscatelloEdit


Style: Bump drive, hypotenuse kick, swearing
Scouting Report: "Nick is a veteran to the game -- someone who is incredibly experienced. However, his long departure from the game has caused him some problems such as committing excessive offs and missing numerous field goals, something with which he has been strong in the past. This has brought him to make loud outbursts of anger. If he wants to be successful, he must gauge his anger into touchdowns" (2011). "Nick announced that he will not be playing this season due to a busy schedule" (2012).
Personal Quote: "F**k!"
Rival: Andrew Yankay (2011)
G2011rs: (8-4, 22/57, 246) vs. (?-?, ?/?, 188)
G2011p: (3-0, ?/?, 71) vs. (1-3, ?/?, 22)

Megan NolanEdit

Smash Girl

Style: Bump drive, inverted hypotenuse kick
Scouting Report: "Megan has come from being taught the rules of the game to the bye tier of the league in one day. She has subsequently fallen to the low tier of the field, being guaranteed with the second-worst or third-worst record. She has been on a long losing streak, which hurts her chances of winning in the playoffs regardless of her overall season record. Despite being favored to beat Rob in the first round, she lost to Rob 25 to 16."
Personal Quote: "4 is the magic number."
Rival: Katy Boland
G2011rs: (4-8, 14/38, 163) vs. (?-?, ?/?, 213)
G2011p: (0-1, ?/?, 16) vs. (1-1, ?/?, 44)

David O'NeillEdit

Scouting Report: "David can kick all right, but he has not converted kicks into wins. He must practice his drives as he is more familiar with kicking than with driving." Personal Quote: "Boss."

Bobby SemmlerEdit

Carson City Lower East-Side Inter-Faith Community Center Brawlers
a.k.a. the Bobby Brawlers

Style: Bump drive, hypotenuse kick
Fight Song: "Mutha'uckers" - Flight of the Conchords
Scouting Report: "Bobby admits that while he not good at paper football, he has tremendous zeal for the sport. Nevertheless, not only is he a poor field goal kicker, he also is not a proficient touchdown scorer. Despite dropping his last regular season game to Katy, he defeated her in a playoffs grudge match 22-13 after trailing 0-13. He also upset #3 Ian, killing many of his friends' brackets. He lost to #2 Nick in a title game qualifier, but was able to move on the 3rd place game, defeating John 22-13." (2011).
Personal Quote: "..."
Rival: Rob Kahrs (Battle of the Roberts)
G2011rs: (3-9, 17/60, 155) vs. (?-?, ?/?, 251)
G2011p: (2-0, ?/?, 44) vs. (0-2, 2/3, 20)

Shiva SharmaEdit


Style: Bump drive, hypotenuse kick
Scouting Report: "He has the fourth best record in the league, but his kicking is the worst in the league and his touchdown numbers aren't that great either. He must improve his kicking or he will continue to lose close games." Awards: 2012 Most Kicks Attempted (Tie), 2012 Most Kicks Missed, 2012 Tsai Lun Rookie of the Year nominee
Personal Quote: "Dude"
Rivals: John Buterbaugh, Rob Kahrs
G2012rs: (2-3, 4/23, 63) vs. (13-12, ?/?, 00)
G2012p: (1-1, 4/6, 30) vs. (1-3, ?/?, 00)

Nathan TrombleyEdit

Team Flick

Style: Flick drive, hypotenuse kick
Fight Song: "Heat of the Moment" - Asia
Scouting Report: "Nathan is a touchdown-scoring machine, but his resistance to changing his drive style is a major setback and has led to a slide from the bye tier to the low tier. However, his field-goal kicking abilities have improved from being in the cellar to above .600. He has managed to pull out of the low tier into the mid tier, giving him a slight advantage in the first round of the tournament" (2011). "Nathan has come back this season as #3 in the PFL with a surprisingly good kicking percentage of .556, a great improvement from his .475 kicking last year. However, he must not flake out and thanks to his take-no-prisoners mentality, he has avoided a great deal of that this season." Awards: 2012 Sloppiest Player of the Year, 2012 Most Stubborn Flicking Style, 2012 Marty Beach Good Sport Award nominee
Personal Quote: "Everybody knows that the bird is the word!"
Rivals: John Buterbaugh (2011)
Rob Kahrs (2012)
G2011rs: (5-7, 19/31, 173) vs. (?-?, ?/?, 226)
G2011p: (1-1, ?/?, 25) vs. (2-2, ?/?, 16)
G2012rs: (3-2, 10/18, 92) vs. (12-13, ?/?, 00)
G2012p: (0-2, 3/8, 31) vs. (2-1, 4/9, 44)

Andrew YankayEdit

The Liverpudlians

Style: Bump drive, inverted hypotenuse kick
Scouting Report: "Andrew is known for his ability to kick field goals and extra points very accurately, but he must learn to combine his kicking success with touchdowns. If he can't do this, he must force some more offs, and get in the position he is most comfortable in -- kicking. The rule of this game is 'Touchdowns win games.' Andrew needs touchdowns. Despite being 7-5, he does not control his destiny, which means his rank could improve or worsen with more regular season play. Regardless, Andrew is only one of two players to sweep his rivalry series and has clinched a bye after Rob lost to Katy. He lost to John in the second round of the tournament and will not be re-signing with the PFL for its 2011-12 season."
Personal Quote: "COME ON!" "WHAT?!"
Rival: Nick Moscatello (2011)
G2011rs: (7-5, 34/54, 206) vs. (?-?, ?/?, 209)
G2011p: (0-1, 1/2, 9) vs. (2-2, 3/4, 22)

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