Livingston Hall is a corridor-style building located in Mary Jemison Village on the north side of the SUNY Geneseo campus. Each room is designed to occupy two students, but can (yet rarely) accomodate three. Livingston houses students of all class years, and the "A" section is a mixed section of first year, transfer, and upperclass students. The building's "B" section is substance-free (i.e. residents must agree not to be intoxicated if they wish to live there). You can view the Livingston Hall floor plans HERE , which may not be to scale. Livingston won Best Hall of the Year in 2011 and was nominated for the same honor in 2012.

Recent developmentsEdit

For Fall 2012, Hall Council meetings occur on Thursdays at 9 p.m. New card readers have been installed on Livingston's vending machines, located on the first floor. An Open MIK (Movie/Ice Cream/Karaoke) Knight is scheduled for 8:09 pm on 10/11/12. Livingston's 2012-2013 hall anthem is "Life Is a Highway" as performed by Rascal Flatts.

2012-2013 Hall CouncilEdit

President: Shiva Sharma
Vice President: Molly Costello
Spice President: John Buterbaugh
Treasurer: Yong Dong
Secretary: Victoria Salazar
IRC Reps: Phil Romano & Lexi Athens (alt. Mukarram Ismail)
Fundraising Coordinator: Yong Dong
Publicity Coordinators: Phil Romano & David Gentile
Sustainability Coordinator: Sarah Rusnak
Intramural Coordinator: Molly Costello
Basement Rep: Brian Gagnon
1st Floor Rep: Mukarram Ismail
2nd Floor Reps: Shaina Kantor & Ryan King
3rd Floor Reps: Elizabeth D'Ambrosio & Tom Wilson
B-Side Rep: Andrew Yankay
Historian: Ali Wilkie
Recognition Coordinator: Mary-Margaret Gallup
At-Large Reps: Kirsten, Liesel, Jen
Advisor: Andy Nicholson, SRA

2011-2012 Hall CouncilEdit

President: Shiva Sharma
Vice President: Bareeqah Ahmad
Spice President: John Buterbaugh
Treasurer: Steve Paravati
Secretary: Jennifer Weber (2011), Nico Damiani (2012)
IRC Reps: Rachael Burganowski & Laine Kaasler
Fundraising Coordinator: James Mead
Publicity Coordinator: Ben Steubing (2011), Julie Mohney (2012)
Sustainability Coordinator: Maria Sigalas/Emily Oberdorf
Intramural Coordinator: Kunal Datta
1st Floor Rep: Mukarram Ismail
2nd Floor Rep: Julie Bush
3rd Floor Rep: Tyler Blank
B-Side Rep: Alysha Petrone/Ashley Sabatino
Hegemon of Happiness: Jordan Baker
Historian: Kyle Snyder
Recognition Coordinator: Mary-Margaret Gallup
CAS Representative: Melaney Rebello
At-large reps: Becky Robinson, Jen Jackson, et al.
Advisor: Michael Venturiello, SRA